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feeding hungry stomachs

YORKE is an exciting new concept designed to find smatter ways of connecting surplus food with those in need. Our aim is to use a technology based app to aid the food wastage problem that communities are facing by making it easier for food producers, which we call ‘Givers’, to find hungry stomachs, ‘Yorkers’, and get their surplus food to them fast and efficiently.

The app allows users to notify other users of food available for pick up and then connects them directly or via “Go-Getters”who are willing to donate their time to help deliver food from Givers to Yorkers. Established app orientated delivery companies such as UberEATS, Deliveroo and Foodora are in our sights as potential partners. We hope that with the charitable efforts of communities and ourselves, we can reduce food wastage, feed hungry stomachs and make better use of all resources, above and beyond just food.


Using modern technology

We want to use modern technology to connect people in crisis with food. By using data fed through a smart phone app or interface, YORKE can efficiently match and transport food from ‘Givers’ to ‘Yorkers’ based on their current routes, closest destinations and the expected life of the food. Food can be prioritised to transport it faster, meaning food is moved in a healthier, more resourceful and streamlined way.


Of the 1.9 million tonnes of food which is consumed in Melbourne every year, it is estimated 907,537 is wasted. That’s a daily amount of 2,486 tonnes of edible food! YORKE will be designed to provide a seamless bridge between this clear surplus of food in some parts of our community and those people in need of it.


A Yorker can be an individual in crisis unable to obtain through ordinary methods, a house hold running on tight budgets or time constraints, or even established shelters which can distribute larger quantities of food. This can provide as an efficient system to access all and any user at any time.

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