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the concept


YORKE has been built on the need to create an efficient and streamline process to distribute food to those who need it. There is a pool of resources for those who can access it and there is a supply which is not being utilised. We wanted to create something which is aimed at anyone and is limitless to anyone's contribution. With YORKE we want to combine technology, existing transportation routes and volunteering to cleverly work in conjunction. In other words, make an easy way for those to give and an easier way for those to receive.



Seamless operation and friendly interface

To remove logistical barriers for food relief faced by Givers and Yorkers. To create a medium for collecting data relating to the quantity of food based on three different measurements: Quantity of food available (Large, Medium and Small), the Type of Storage (Dry, Cold, Frozen) and the overall Food Group provided (Vegetables, Fruit, Meats, Grains, Dairy or Discretionary foods). Using these as major measurements, we can create a priority based on the lifespan of the food, its current location and it’s most beneficial receiver (or “Yorker”).

Using modern analytical logic to efficiently get food from A to B

Taking advantage of available GPS tools to locate where food is in real-time and notify travellers based on their proximity. Having immediate up-to-date monitoring allows accurate planning of where food can be dispersed to and provides an opportunity for Givers to utilise existing and established travel modes such as private food deliveries and couriers.

Increase the amount supplied to destinations

Having immediate updates and communication with Givers and Yorkes, we can reduce food wastage due to short life-spans and increase current establishment's resources.

Utilise current transportation modes in attempt to transport as efficiently and environmentally cautious as possible.

Building a greater awareness of the statistics backing food-less people in Australia.

Supplying healthy food based on standards

In accordance with Health and Food safety, we want to utilise the YORKE app to ensure that the food being delivered is within edible timeframes, without defects and donated in good faith. This means finding compliance with laws such as Good Samaritan Law, Food & Safety, Food & Handling.

Providing a platform for sharing resources not limited to food.

Although Yorker’s primary focus is food, we believe the interface provides an opportunity to also share other resources to those in need. The opportunity of YORKE allows us to exploit further acts of generosity and giving, beyond food.

giver, go-getters, yorkers


A Giver can be a person or organisation, who wishes to donate food. They can be from a household, a supermarket, a café or any individual who recognises that there is a surplus of edible food which can be shared with others. We will never dismiss somebody’s attempt to donate but we will also ensure that the food is compliant with health regulations.


A Go-Getter is an individual or established institution, which wishes to assist in delivering the food from the Giver to the Yorker based on the Go-Getters’s current location and the quantity of food to be transported. Once a Traveller volunteers to help move the food, they can select their current mode of transportation and then be allocated a location to send the food to. A traveller can either be on foot, cycling, in a car or large car/truck.


A Yorker has a flexible criteria in that, anyone who considers them hungry or lacking of a meal, may be supplied with any of the meals distributed through YORKE. We have designed YORKE adequately distribute any excess food to anyone  who holds respect and good intention for the concept.



Create jobs for YORKERs

Although YORKE will originally be designed to feeding those in need, we'd like to eventually create the opportunity to provide other resources and tools to our users. We hope the concept of YORKE can create further encouragement to have communities working together and assisting. Therefore, we would love to one day have the opportunity to create jobs from the networks and distribution lines created.

Expand YORKE overseas

As we understand the development of an app like YORKE may require customisation, we would love to see it flourish in Melbourne and hope that one day it can be replicated in other cities/countries.