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As we understand that many users may not have a mobile phone or access to the internet, we have planned an alternative to have them continue recieving food sources. Yorkers will text their location to a desinated number and will recieve a text in return, notifying them of the closest givers or shelters within their area. Yorkers will not have to be registered to the site in any way, therefore at any point in time users can text their location to source food. Although we have designed YORKE to work on desktop, having this option will provide the opporunity for more people to use YORKE.



Although we don't view regulations or legislation as a challenge, we are conscious for the need to abide them in order to ensure our Yorkers and Givers and being protected.



“The Food Act requires food businesses to throw away unsafe food, that is food that is likely to cause the person eating it physical harm must be thrown away”Meaning we will only accept: “Unused portions of food prepared by a food business and not served to customisers or food bought by a food business that is excess to requirements.”


(Public Liability Insurance Reform) which will provide protection to food donors as long as they are in accordance with:

- The food donated in good faith for a charitable or benevolent purpose

- The food is donated with the intention that the receiver of the food does not have to pay for the food

- The food is safe to eat when it leaves the possession or control of the donor

- The donor gives the charity any information it needs to have it ensured the ongoing safety of the food

- Food must be before Use by and Best Before dates.

YORKE will not accept any food that is; damaged or perished, visible mould or contamination, food past its use by or best before mark, frozen items not stored and maintained accurately or that do not meet our standards.

YORKE will send through information based on Giver’s donated food to ensure the food is carefully handled and stored during transportation. Go-Getters will be briefed on necessary criteria they must meet in order to be a suitable fit for transportation, with an emphasis on personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Upon registering, Givers will also be warned that the food must have been previously stored in clean, covered environment prior to donation and all food must be before expiry dates.

As one of the options for food illustrates, high-risk foods such as meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, sandwiches, quiches and pre-made salads must be stored accurately to ensure they do not fall within the Temperature Danger Zone. These foods will be allocated to Go-Getters with a higher priority, as their edible life span is much shorter than those of other food groups.

insufficient funding


If funds are not met, the YORKE team will continue to pour all of our best efforts into minimising excess food and filling hungry stomachs. We may not reach our target amount, but all donations and workings will continue to go towards our objectives.