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To achieve our goals for YORKE, we will require additional resources. When successfully operating, YORKE will rely on the goodwill of people who are prepared to donate their time and effort for the cause, but to reach this point we will need to find a way to fund the following costs;

Designing and providing the database for YORKE

Although we have a strong background in information technology to assist in the web and app development needed to run YORKE, we need external resources to ensure that it can accurately, in real-time deliver the information across all Yorkers, Givers and Go-Getters.

Maintenance and development of the app

As much of our design process will be around migrating current processes in place and attracting users through technology, we understand that the development of this app may change based on requirements yet to surface. We hope to consistently update YORKE to become a more user friendly and accessible tool, whilst continuously adding to its functionality. We hope to contribute our skills and knowledge where possible but we are aware that we will have our limitations and will need extra help along the way.

Transportation costs (Go-getters)

We have recognised food donators and official food shelters already in place within Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs to estimate the distances travellers will have to cover.

By initially focusing on Melbourne’s CBD we hope to take advantage of larger participation rates associated with high density areas. We also expect the availability of public transport options and a possible partnership with an inner city delivery company such as UberEATS, Foodora or Deliveroo will help aid our cause. As we cannot rely solely on the assumption that we will obtain sufficient voluntary transport arrangements to cover demand, YORKE will allocate all surplus funding to fuel Go-Getters and attempt to create a regular and reliable transport infrastructure for donated food.




The following estimates have been calculated from industry advice and our own research. They contain allowances for further modification of the app and its functionality.

App & UX/UI Development $30,000

App Maintenance & Server Costs $10,000 - $15,000

Transportation budget for first year $10,000

Website & Basic advertisement $5,000


testing and launch

Development & planning

idea assessment