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We have designed and structured an app in the home to combine all of our objectives into this streamlined product. Beginning from the main interface down to each segment which YORKE will be composed of.


A user will initially be directed to the default homepage. Here they can select which interface they wish to go to and access any point regardless if they are a registered user or not. If they are, they can view their current account help on YORKE or otherwise click to their area. There will also be a “Donate” button on the bottom of the page for any person or establishment to donate without having to go through the process of registering.

quantity detail

Designed to make the donation process as streamlined as possible, a Giver will select the amount of food they wish to donate based on three categories of small, medium or large. After this they will be prompted through to select the Type of food (which will be illustrated) and the storage type. This will give enough data to estimate the life span of the food and the priority to get it from one location to another. Alternatively, if they have already delivered with YORKE previously the database will store its most recent selection, so they can see “Same as last time” to eliminate the selection process.


A Giver can select to only have food transported on a “once-off” basis through a Go-Getter or to have it collected on a scheduled basis (which can be activated when they register or under their My Account tab). This means their individual Givers location will not be filtered to the Yorkers tab, but Go-Getters will still get notifications to help move it to other destinations.


A Giver can also opt to have it sent to Shelters directly or Yorkers within radius. Below the prompted question, there will be stats of how many are both within distance of the current Giver.


A Giver can see those Yorkers who wish to have their GSP on and alerted if a Giver wants to specify (due to distance, star rating of the Yorker and so forth). Alternatively, a Giver can select through the “Give to Anyone” prompt and have automated on their behalf. Ratings will be based solely on the reliability of the Yorker, how prompt and timely they have been in their past pick-ups. We hope with this rating system will also encourage Yorkers to only select food when they are genuinely hoping to pick-up or consume, rather than selecting a resource which could be allocated elsewhere.

rating system

The use of technology creates a form of security for users that other mediums for food sharing cannot. By providing information upon registration, Yorker users can be identified in the case of an emergency. The Yorker rating system will also provide security to the Givers, to ensure that these personal based donations will be safe and as streamlined as possible. We also hope this will regulate any non-tolerable behavior from Yorkers and Givers and we hope the ratings will reflect more transparency between all users of the app, as opposed to any other intention.

Giver Interfaces

location proximity

A user will activate their current location on GPS and map them to relevant Givers in their area. There will be listed shelters constantly on the map, which will also show information around opening times, transport modes, events and short descriptions. Depending on the distance the Yorker can travel, they can scope out Giver destinations. Yorkers can also turn on Notifications to alert them if they are within any area providing meals.

If a Yorker selects a pinned point which is not a registered location or shelter, they can select to source it and have a 30 minute allowance to pick it up before it gets re-allocated to someone else. Eaters will be filtered based on their distance to areas and on their frequency of selecting Yorkers to attempt to create a fair and evenly distributed system (e.g those who have used YORKE less in the last days, have more priority than those who have used it more).

plan in advance

A Yorker can also scan areas based on times and dates as to when shelters or official Givers may be active. The interface will also populate if they are an all-day giver, walk-ins based, morning midday or dinner.

discussion board

A Yorker will also have the opportunity to write messages on a discussion board listed within YORKE. This way, we can also fulfill the engagement we want between the users and also encourage them to help other Yorkers. Ideally, we hope this can be a platform in which users will be able to note tips, other areas for resources or any other topics to benefit.

Being optimistic, we hope this particular tool will be used without needing content management and having this as an open space for all.

Yorker Interfaces

choose transportation

The Go-Getter will have a similar set up to the Yorker, once they have selected the selected traveling interface, the GPS will navigate to their current location and notify the Go-Getter of areas needing food delivered. Ideally, Go-Getters will be notified if they are within radius of food sources and can opt to volunteer their efforts when prompted with the alert. A Go-Getter can come in and automatically select their form of transportation, for Givers to process accurately the distances the traveler can do.

Go Getter Interfaces