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Integrating social media


One of our biggest aims is using YORKE to create an awareness and encourage engagement among Melbourne city. As many elements of the app will rely heavily on members of the community volunteering their efforts, we want to integrate social media and individual recognition.

Establishments who become Givers

With their consent, all registered Givers who classify as an organisation will be officially acknowledged on our social media pages and web site. They will also be provided with an introduction pack containing useful information about YORKE, how they can help, where their food is going and stickers that can be displayed anywhere on their institution to show their support YORKE.

Individuals who become Givers

We will integrate users with their choice of Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter predominately) and a customised notices will be posted; calculating the quantity of food they have delivered and how many mouths they have fed e.g “Grace’s extra food help feed 7 Yorkers”.

Go-Getters who volunteer to transport food

Their distances will be marked based on the GPS and will create a customised post for social media. It will include how far they travelled and how many estimated meals they provided for example: “Steve travelled 3.4kms to feed 11 Yorkers.” Along side the posts there will be an indication of how regularly the Go-Getter volunteered “This is Allan’s 7th trip”.